Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A dream with teeth

I get a lot of email & I simply cannot reply to all of them.  I do feel bad about this, but it’s hard for me to type.  So, as an ongoing weekly blog feature - with the help of my Pops (my Ambassador of Kwan), I will choose an emailed question and answer it here. 

The first email I’ll be responding to comes to me from a blogger in Philly.

Sophie, you seem like a really cool dog; it’s rare to find someone such as yourself who’s not allowed their celebrity to affect them.  I’d like to meet you, but I’m not sure how to approach a fabulous pup such as yourself.  How could I best introduce myself to you, and what characteristics do you look for when sizing people up for friendship.  JR – Philadelphia, PA

Firstly, thanks for your email, JR & thanks for watching. 

To answer your question, my first reaction is to say run.  You look at me and you see cuteness & hug-ability.  A dream.  But I’m a dream with very sharp teeth.

I would tell you to not even bother trying to get to know me, but if you really must - there are few ways.

I have a soft spot for young children, particularly those that are super cute & maybe have a bit of chocolate or other snack crusted on their faces.  I am drawn to their honesty and their wonderment.   If you are a small girl or boy, chances are we’d hit it off famously.

But I presume this isn’t the answer you are looking for.

The things I respect in adult human beings is emotional strength, a nurturing attitude, and more importantly character.  If I feel safe around you or if I feel I can benefit from you, I will attach myself to you.

If you somehow meet me – say when I’m walking in the park or chasing squirrels in my backyard, stay away from telling me all about yourself.  If I am at all interested in you I, I will not want to talk about you.  I am fiercely independent and no matter how interesting you may think you are, I think way more of myself than I do of you - so be ready for that.

While these things may seem severe, I must clarify they aren’t.  If I do allow you do get close, you'll find me as satisfying as a friend as I am frustrating.  Inside me is a caring and loving puppy, but it will be a very long time before you see anything more than a glimpse of her...

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