Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goin' Underground...

Basement.  Noun.   (bās'mənt)

According to Hoyle,
  1. The substructure or foundation of a building.
  2. The lowest habitable story of a building, usually below ground level.
  3. Geology. A complex of undifferentiated igneous and metamorphic rocks underlying sedimentary strata.
  4. Slang. The last place or lowest level, as in competitive standings.
  5. Chiefly New England. A public toilet, especially one in a school.
Why am I spending so much time in the basement lately.  A basement is someplace where you store your winter coats & the nice cabernet’s – not someplace where a prized Welsh Terrier should be during the day – deprived of sleeping on the nice sofa, looking out of the windows all day, and barking at my arch enemies the squirrels.

While I am painting a pretty dim picture for all of you, it isn’t anywhere near that bad.  My basement is totally finished, replete with leather chairs, comfortable carpet, nice warm cushions to sleep on.  My Mommie and I have to spend our days in the basement while the construction guys work on remodeling our upstairs during the day. 

I sure miss my sofa and the windows though.....

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