Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey Everybody:
Working through my email...

I received a great email from a blogger in Tampa. In it, he sent this link:  When Sibling Rivalry Is Man Versus Dog.  I smiled all through the article; sounds like the author had met a superior Welshie !


  1. Hi Sophie! Think I've got there at last! My computer illiterate manservant's been fiddling around for ages on Blogspot but assures me that we're finally there.
    Love the profile picture which already shows we have so much in common. I don't like to admit it but you're such a cutie I confess that I also have a pet pig. He's the one guy I've not ripped the guts out of and I've had him since I was 12 weeks old - OK, his squeaker's gone and he's not quite as porky as he was (well, he's not porky at all) - I'll dig out a picture of him and me from when I was a pup and post it on my blog. Love the story about the Tampa man but isn't it tautology - "superior" Welshie! Just "Welshie" will do thankyou very much!
    Don't know how you guys are doing in the States but here we're on the dying breeds list! Only 300 pups registered a year. Strange when you consider the number of humans who can't get close enough to me with their "Oooh, you don't see many of these any more, I used to love them!" and "Ah, he's like a teddy bear - I used to have a toy one on wheels and always dreamt of having a real one."
    Loved your work on YouTube - If my manservant gets off his arse (I believe you use the word "ass" in the USA - to us that's a donkey), I hope you'll be able to look up some of my performances.
    PS I only live 35 miles from the Welsh border - Aah! Our spititual home!

  2. Hi Archie:

    Congratulations on getting your human to start posting your thoughts online. We need to stick together. I've always thought that one determined Welshie can change a lot of minds. Just imagine if you and I work together ! We could change to collective conscience of the world !

    My pig is one of my favorite toys. My favorite is my blue monkey - he goes everywhere with me - including daycare and my occassional stint in the kennel.

    We Welshies are a bit scarce in the States as well. My humans found me at a breeder in Western Michigan, USA. I think there aren't many of Us, because we're a bit difficult to manage and most Americans would rather have a dog that does whatever it is told - rather than an equal partner. I am lucky, my Mum & Pops are superior humans.

    Great chatting with you Archie - tell you human to keep building your blog - it's great !